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Sabian Symbol Chart Art 

On the 21th of April 2021 when the full moon in Scorpio was directly on my Natal Neptune, I had a dream. 
The dream was about the Sabian symbols coming to life and interacting with each other to form a horoscope. All the degrees of my horoscope and the cross of matter forming an individual art chart. 
The dream was very real and didn't leave me when I woke up. I looked up all the individual degrees of my horoscope in Lynda Hills book and could immediately see them in a vision and how all the points play together in a visual representation of the chart. I began to draw and paint my chart and once completed I can see an entirely new way to interpret the horoscope using images.



I have added asteroids, fixed stars or Arabic parts as well if people want them included in the chart art. It's very fluid, flexible and up to you. 
I am offering these very personal paintings to anyone who is interested. These paintings take many days to complete as there are many layers to their creation so make sure you order yours in plenty of time if purchasing as a gift. 
If you wish to enquire about a Sabian Symbol Chart Art,
please find the contact tab in the top right corner of this page. 

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